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Presort First Class

A Proven Cost Effective Tool!

One of the most commonly overlooked profit centers in today’s business world is the mailroom. Postal discounts and mail preparation savings are often forfeited in favor of doing things “the usual way”. The U.S. Postal Service provides ways for you to achieve significant postage savings, and National Mailing Services can generate those savings for you… Discount mail is your best option if you mail in volume.

For discounted First-Class Mail, National Mailing Services does the  additional work to make your mail easier for the postal service to handle. The work we do in terms of preparing and sorting your mail can lower your postage costs. The postage depends on the characteristics of your mail piece. Automation prices are available for cards, letters, and large envelopes compatible with automation standards.

To qualify for the lower automation prices, your mail piece must meet specific addressing, barcoding, and design standards. Presorted First Class rates are on average about 5 cents less per piece than a Single Piece First Class stamp.